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Welcome aboard! This is the web site for the nautical historical adventures of Michael Aye. 
My first series is THE FIGHTING ANTHONYS. 
Second series starts with WAR OF 1812: REMEMBER THE RAISIN
Please have a look around, but remember to make due courtesy to the ship's ensign before touring the deck!
Available Now! "Fighting Anthony's, Trident", 
The 6th in the Fighting Anthony Series
"Trident" is now available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition. 
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Also, Michael Aye having Finished Trident, Book 6 of The Fighting Anthony’s should be released by end of April 2014.
The second Book in the War 1812 trilogy, "Battle of Horseshoe Bend" will be sent to the publisher in late April.
Lastly, coming soon, a trilogy on pirates. The first title will be “Pyrate, The Rise of Cooper Cain”. It will be set in the last great era of pirates. Book one will take place in 1810. The Publisher will release the series in Hardback and ebook simultaneously with the paperback version to follow the next year. Look for this series in early 2015.
Followed by Book 7 in the Fighting Anthony’s - HMS Leopard.
The last in the War 1812, Battle of New Orleans will follow HMS Leopard. 
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"Trident", book 6 in the Fighting Anthony’s is at the publishers and is scheduled for release this fall.
Fifth in the Fighting Anthonys series:  Peregrine, featuring cover artwork by Johannes Ewers

                Georgia-based novelist Michael Aye who is a retired naval officer is the author of the highly popular naval fiction series, The Fighting Anthony’s, which is set against the American Revolution at sea. Aye is currently writing the second installment in the 1812 series, which will deal with the Battle of Horseshoe Bend and will feature such historical figures as Davy Crockett, Andrew Jackson and Sam Houston. The third title will focus on the Battle of New Orleans, which occurred after the was over and the treaty was signed.

Michael Aye just returned from St.Lucia read the exciting Story.... Click here.


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 Available "Peregrine"!


"This latest episode of the Fighting Anthony's story is again set in Caribbean and American waters during the period when the French first appear on the station after entering the American War of Independence. It sees the family having to deal with a relative of an old nemesis bent on revenge.

As usual the book is fast paced with plenty of action sequences without detailed descriptions of ship handling. Over the series quite a long list of characters has been built up, many of which make an appearance so it was useful to have a character list at the start to refresh the memory.

Whilst set in the historical timeline the books do not seek to insert the principal characters into true events and this gives the author more scope to produce a good yarn with a fresh feel. I continue to enjoy the series which is recommended."

David Hayes (Click here to view site)

“Michael Aye is one of today’s premier writers of nautical fiction whose work inspires me.” 

Linda Collison author of Star-Crossed and Surgeon's Mate 

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  In his new book Remember the Raisin, the first of a new trilogy about the War of 1812, Michael Aye explores the fighting in the North West. The book is mainly land based however it includes a good description of Commodore Perry's defeat of the British on the Great Lakes.

    Aye developed an interesting principal character, Jonah Lee, who as the 'President's man' is tasked with ensuring the army under General William Harrison takes the fight to the British. He is present at all the major actions of the campaign. As a naval literature fan I have read a few books about the Great Lakes campaign, however Remember the Raisin puts it within the wider conflict which made it an interesting and informative read.

      The book appeared to be well researched and the plot flowed well as it linked the various battles together. As you would expect from the author of a naval fiction series the Lakes action was well written and I look forward to reading more of the wider conflict from the perspective of Jonah Lee.  Recommended.



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New - Book five in the Fighting Anthonys series :

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July 1778. A French fleet of mighty warships under Comte d’Estaing arrives off Sandy Hook to aid the colonies. The British Navy finds itself hard pressed to fulfill the duties cast upon it.

Vice Admiral Lord Anthony has temporarily transferred his flag to the frigate, HMS Peregrine for diplomatic duty. The ship’s captain is Lord Anthony’s brother Gabe. The mission is to transport prisoners of war and their families to Norfolk, Virginia in exchange for British prisoners. Sailing under a flag of truce Peregrine is viciously attacked.

The roar of cannons and smell of gunpowder once again fills the air as Lord Anthony’s ships struggle to do their duty. 





Book four in the Fighting Anthonys series :

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 Book three in the

Fighting Anthonys series

     Admiral Lord Gilbert Anthony and his brother Lieutenant Gabriel Anthony, fighting for the Crown during the American Revolution, find adventure, daring privateers, and a ghost ship. 

     The ghost ship Barracuda plies the waters off the coast of Saint Augustine in 1777.  The Barracuda takes no prize and leaves no one alive. Tracking down the Barracuda is only one of the many challenges and battles the brothers face when assigned to protect Florida loyalists.

     Facing the privateers, who know the surrounding inlets and rivers, affords a series of dangerous missions for the crew and costs them many men and a few good ships.  As the war takes its toll, Gil yearns to return to England, while Gabe steals the hearts of local women.




Book two in the Fighting Anthonys series

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Book one in the Fighting Anthonys series

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