(Michael Aye is the pen name for the writing team of Michael and Patricia Fowler.)

mikeandpat mikeaye


Michael Aye is a retired naval (mustang) officer. Joining the navy at age 17, he turned 19 riding a "Tin Can" in Vietnam. During twenty-two years of service, Michael held all the enlisted ranks from E-1 to E-9. He also held the ranks of CWO2 through CWO4 and finally retired as a full Lieutenant. Mike has sailed the Mediterranean, the North Atlantic, the Caribbean, the Black Sea, and the Pacific by way of the Panama Canal. During Mike's twenty-two years in our nation's service, he spent a significant amount of time stationed with the USMC, first as a Hospital Corpsman, and later as a Physician Assistant. He retired as the Base Medical Officer at the Marine Corps Logistical Base in Albany, Georgia. Mike is a lifetime member of the VFW. Upon retiring from the navy, Mike attended the University of Nebraska College of Medicine where he specialized in the treatment of allergy and asthma. He later became an owner and partner in Allergy and Asthma Clinics of Georgia. After spending twenty-two years in private practice, Mike has now entered retirement. He now spends as much time as possible between the Caribbean Islands and the north Georgia mountains in a cozy log cabin. Mike has always been interested in Colonial America and the British and French wars. His greatest influence as a writer is probably Alexander Kent, but also credits James Nelson and Dewey Lambdin as authors who made him realize there's still a place and market for sea fiction today.

Patricia Fowler has a background in land grants and title research. She spent time researching the titles and grants for many of the small Islands off the coast of South Carolina near Beaufort. After Mike was transferred to Albany Georgia as the Acute Care Medical Officer and later as the MCLB Base Medical Officer, Pat became involved in Banking and Finance. When she retired she was a vice President and Branch Manager of an Albany Government Employee's Credit union branch. Mike and Pat have 2 children, 6 grandsons, 2 great grandsons and 1 great granddaughter. Patricia spends much of her time typing ( Mike writes in long hand) manuscripts, reviewing and editing manuscripts prior to them being sent to the publisher. Michael relates that without Pat there would never have been a Michael Aye.