Battle of New Orleans


Battle of New Orleans- Book Three in the War of 1812 series

The third and final volume of the War of 1812 trilogy from Michael Aye.

Following the tips from Colonel Richard Mentor Johnson's network of spies, Jonah Lee and his adopted brother Moses travel to the southern states to search for Anastasia. The bugles then ring, and Jonah once again answers President Madison's call to find himself on General Andrew Jackson's staff. Ole Hickory's assignment? to defend the city of New Orleans at all costs. Follow as Jackson enlists the help of the notorious pirate, Jean LaFitte and together they defeat the bloody British in a town called New Orleans.

"Michael Aye's plots are fast moving and his characters are sharply drawn. In 'Battle of New Orleans' he turns his considerable story-telling skills to the Final battle of America's forgotten war, the War of 1812. Entertaining and well researched, this volume shines a well-deserved light on an pivotal moment in American history." – James L. Nelson, Author of Fin Gall and Benedict Arnold's Navy


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